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Monday, December 06, 2010

Finals Week-Part 1 (Chuck-Part 2)

This week is finals week for Bronwyn. We decided she might need some stress relief from all the studying. So, we are going to put as many goofy things on the blog as we can from today through Friday. They are specifically for her but the rest of you loyal readers will probably enjoy them too.

Okay Bronwyn, remember Chuck?

For those of you still reading and don't remember him then you need to click here and read about his first visit with us back in May.

He came back for a visit last week.

As you know, your mom has some problems with this little guy.

So what did we do with those problems? We tried to help her meet her fear head on.

First we had an intervention in the kitchen. We figured the best time to do this was right after mom woke up, was still a little sleepy and was occupied with making cookies for the bazaar last week.

We didn't allow her to run from her fears. We attacked them head on as we made our way to the bathroom.

Did you notice at the beginning of the last video that Carys was bending over and picking Chuck up off the floor? That's right, your mom, in her panic, had knocked him out of Carys' hand. Interventions with your mom are never easy.

But seriously, how can you have problems with someone so cute?
He's such a handsome, well behaved little guy.
I know it doesn't surprise you that your sister would put him on her head.

If you remember, the last time Chuck was with us he escaped and we found him in the kitchen under the stove. This time he only stunk up a bathroom after Carys left him in there and then forgot about him.

I know you are sad that he won't be here when you get home.


Bronwyn said...

Thank you dad! This is going to make my week go by so much faster. Love you!

Cam said...

I think that's possibly the cruelest thing I've ever seen anybody do, until you posted the videos on the internet...

the Jewell family said...

If I were you, Benay, I would make that little rat into soup.