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Friday, December 10, 2010

Finals Week-Part 5....the Final Day (Cows)


Congrats on making it to your final day of your first college final exam's week. How should we celebrate? Cows. That's right, cows.

We recently had the CowParade in Porto Alegre. (For you other Portuguese speakers you can click here to read more about it.)

It was actually pretty cool.

Various artists painted 81 different cows and they were placed throughout the city.

Me, mom, Carys, Anderson and Giovanni set out to see as many as possible. I think we made it to 20. We used a couple of school holidays to go to Zona Sul, Centro and as close to our house as possible. Ansley and Garrett stayed at home because they thought it would be boring. Looking at painted cows throughout the city - boring? No chance.

We had a great time.

After about a month on the streets they moved every cow to Bourbon Country where they were all on display for a few days. They then had an auction. The night before the auction mom and I were at the mall and it was amazing to see how many people were there just to look at the cows and take pictures. It was like a movie premiere. The auction raised over a million reais. It's the most money raised in the 6 CowParades that have been done throughout Brasil. Most of that money will be donated to 9 different charitable organizations in the city.

Some pics from our travels (you get 10 points for each cow if you can guess where they were placed):

Of course this one was our favorite one. He's even wearing chuteiras. He was called Cowlorada and gremio's was tricowlor.

Mom had a conversation with the lady who was in charge of the whole thing. She was at this cow waiting to do an interview.

 An Avatar cow.

 We even got Natalie in on the fun when she was here.

 We had a great time together.

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Anonymous said...

That looks so cool! Wish we could have been there for that. Miss you guys.