"Preach the gospel at all times; if necessary, use words." Saint Francis of Assisi

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I just finished reading this book.
Lots of very encouraging, very real stories of Jesus making very real differences in the lives of people.  People from all ages, races, social classes, etc. share what Jesus means to them and how that relationship changed their lives.

The "Who Is First?", "How Do I Become Second?" and "What Now?" sections to close the book are the best, simple explanations of who God is, what a relationship with Jesus is and what it means for your life and what you should do after you accept Jesus that I have ever seen in a book. Simple, clear and biblical. And, I think, great to use as you share about Jesus with your friends as well as disciple new Christians.

Don't know if anyone cares about what books I'm reading but I've decided when me or my girlfriend read a good one that we think others might like we are, from time to time, going to share it. My girlfriend is currently reading this book and she can't put it down either.

I Am Second is one we think you should read.

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