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Thursday, February 02, 2012


This afternoon Ansley will have a scholarship interview (the Presidential Scholarship.....Yeah, I'm going to brag) with some people at ACU.

She's a little bit nervous about it and I know she would love to have your prayers for her today and during her interview.

Her interview time is 3:30 central time.

So read this and pray for her. When the Spirit puts her on your heart throughout the day pray for her. And if you remember at 3:30 central time that she will be in the middle of her skype interview then feel free to pray for her again.  My girlfriend and I will be right there with you in prayer and I know Ansley will feel the Spirit's comfort through all the prayers.

Thanks, as always, in advance for praying.

And Ansley, during my run this morning I listened to your favorite artist and the song below and I thought you would love to hear it right now. And you even get the plus to hear Louie Giglio during it as well. Enjoy and be filled with God's peace as you get ready for the interview. You are going to do GREAT!

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ansley maye blume said...

chris tomlin is my favorite EVER!!! thank you dad!!! i love you!