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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reader Survey

Today was another hot day in Porto Alegre. It's 8:00 at night and still 88 degrees.

We just got home from taking the 3 smallest kids to a nearby swimming pool to cool off.

On the way home my girlfriend and Carys had a conversation. It was a bit one-sided really.

A little set up before we get to the conversation:

I've always wanted to have a big family. Always. I didn't come from a big family but I always wanted a bunch of kids. My girlfriend was the same way. Her family was not huge but she wanted a big family as well. She and I always talked about having 4 kids. It was never a discussion. I guess the day we started talking about it we both said we wanted 4. No discussion, just unity. To be honest, I don't even remember having a discussion. It's like God just wove that into our marriage thread and we both knew that's what we wanted. The desire for 4 kids was always there between us. Always.

So we weren't sad at all when God surprised us with baby number 5, surprised for a day or two because we thought we were done with but never upset, nor were we upset when we felt the Spirit telling us to have one more to round it out at 6. It just seemed right to continue growing our family.

There have been times since then were there have been conversations in our house about having one more and what that would be like. Not ever real serious conversations but "what if?" conversations.

Bronwyn is 100% against it. She said she will never know another baby or have a tight relationship with him/her. I can see her point. Ansley isn't really for it as well but she's never been as adamant as Bronwyn. Garrett has also 100% against it but he doesn't really count. Why? Because he's been embarrassed by the bigness of our family(even when we just had 4 kids) and our loudness.  Us? Loud? Absurd! His biggest fear is that we all show up to one of his soccer games with big signs and scream his name. This petrifies him. We haven't done it yet but we will, we will. Anderson has always thought it would be cool to have one more so that we could have our own tv show. It would be called "Benay and Kevin Plus Seven." Kind of catchy.

Carys is our "one more baby" kid. She really wants us to have one more baby.

In two years she will turn 15. That's a HUGE deal for girls in Brasil. Big blowout birthday bashes for 15th birthdays.

She informed us the other day that instead of having a big party here she would love it, if it were possible, for us to all go to Disney World together. She went one time in her life but she was 2 and doesn't remember much.

Anyway, back to the pool conversation today, she and my girlfriend were leaving and this comment came out of her mouth, "I'll trade in going to Disney World if you and dad have one more baby."

So what do you guys think readers?

Disney World or one more baby?

I don't expect as many votes as American Idol but your help is needed. (And Bronwyn, Garrett and Grandmothers can't vote.)

P.S. The conversation really happened but the voting is not serious........or is it?  Now you really don't know what to think do you?


ansley maye blume said...

i actually say yes!

The Blume Family said...

Nice Ans! Thanks for casting the first vote. Score one for team "Benay and Kevin Plus Seven" and team Carys.

one more? said...

Wow, you guys are amazing! You already know my vote! But puxa, We are already outnumbered. May the Lord give you wisdom and one more???? :) Love you all! Diane

David Elam said...

Yeah, I really don't know what to think! :) Of course, I'm all for more kids, especially if it's the Lord's will!

Anonymous said...

well i just can say that i think your family is incredible and one more blume in the world would be just more awesome :) love Fabi

the Jewell family said...

I'm gonna have to say Disney World for obvious reasons. I'll spell it out so nobody thinks I'm for population control. If you have another baby I might never meet him or her, but if you come to Florida at least I might see the kids you already do have.