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Monday, April 23, 2012

Birthday Girl

Today this goober turned 19:

You guys know what we do on birthdays. Hope you enjoy it Ans.

Giovanni: (direct quote) "Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!"

Anderson: "Ansley, you are one of the best sisters I've ever had. I like it that we make handshakes and you are really nice. And Awesome! Done. Dad don't type done. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!"

Carys: "I love you soooo much and miss you so much you are one of the best sisters ever. With you everything is soo much fun''

Garrett: "Ansley I love you so much!! You are awesome, I love doing everything with you, especially torturing Carys!! I miss you a loooooot!! Just 20 more days and you will be here!! And Happy Birthday!!!!!!"

Bronwyn:  "Ansley!!! Happy birthday! You're so cool, having your birthday in a foreign country and stuff. I hope you have a really really great day :) I am so so proud of you. I think you are the coolest person ever and I look up to you a lot. I love you!! Get here to ACU already! Duh! Sheesh."

Girlfriend: "Ansley, I hope your birthday is great.  I love you so much and I am so proud of you.  You have a gazillion talents and gifts and I believe that your experience in Ecuador has taught you not to let silly fears and lies keep you from using everything God has given you!  I know that everyone there, especially the kids, has loved having you there and will miss you so much.  But, I am ready for you to get home.  I need to crack up more, and nobody makes me laugh like you do!  I'm sorry we can't be with you on your birthday, but God will surround you with many blessings, I'm sure.  Make the most out of your last days there and then get back home!  We all miss you and love you!!

Me: "In some ways it's hard to believe you are 19 but in other ways it feels exactly right. You have become an amazing young woman who has a big heart for God and His kids. I love that. I know you are right where He wants you to be right now and you are making such a huge kingdom difference. I think a lot about the things God has blessed you with. Some of them are that you are funny, an incredible story teller, happy, a good friend, a good listener, an encourager and you share the love of Christ with people. What better people on God's earth deserve to be around someone like you than orphan kids and school age kids?  We miss being with you today but take joy in knowing that you have a bunch of Ecuadorian kids around you and that they are loving on you. I could not be more proud of you. And we are really excited about you being home in just a few days. Giovanni can't stop talking about it. Have a great rest of the day. I love you!"

One more thing Ans. As you know we normally try to have our birthday blogs out first thing in the morning. This one got out a little late in the day and you may be wondering why.

Well, when I talk about how God uses you to make a difference in the lives of others. I don't want you to think I'm just talking about kids in Ecuador, or your brothers and sisters or people in our house church family. I'm also talking about your friends in Brasil.

You are loved so much here and your friends wanted to share that love with you here as well. Fabi called a couple of days ago and asked if we could hold off on doing your birthday blog until she sent us something.

What was it? It's the video below.

You are loved and lots of people are looking forward to May 13. I think these guys are almost as excited about you coming back as we are.

Enjoy this present from your buds. We think it's pretty awesome. (Our apologies to you guys who don't speak Portuguese.)


Laura Xavier said...

Kevin! Thank you so much for blogging our video, we really wanted to share it with your family :)

The Blume Family said...

No problem Laura. We think you guys did a great job and I know Ansley loved it. Thanks for doing that for her. I know it made her birthday even better!