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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


This past Sunday around noon our American phone rang.  We have a Memphis number that rings straight to our apartment. Don't ask me to explain how it works. It runs through the internet. That's all I know.

Anyway, it was Ansley. She was calling from Quito.

She called from this place.

It's the stadium for the LDU (Liga Deportiva Universitaria de Quito) soccer team. It's called "La Casa Blanca." (Impressed Ansley?.....I did some homework)

She was watching her first Ecuadorian soccer game.

Last night my girlfriend and I got home from our weekly date. We walked in the door and Garrett tells us that Ansley had called (she has an American phone deal as well) and that she put a picture on facebook that someone had posted. I'm pretty sure he took it out of a newspaper or website. It's a picture of the players and fans from Sunday's game.

As Garrett was telling us about it we went to facebook and looked at the picture. I found Ansley in about a second. My girlfriend started laughing at how fast I found her.

Wasn't too hard to find a tall, blond haired girl in a group of Ecuadorians.

Can you find her?
How'd you do?

Need some help?

If so, then follow #3's tattooed left arm and shoulder straight up to about midway through the crowd and you'll see Ans.

She's winding down her days in Ecuador and we are thankful that she is able to have some fun, like this game, before she leaves.

By the way, LDU won 3-0. She and her buds left happy.

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