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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Not a Fan

I just finished reading this book:
In the book Idleman talks about the difference of being a fan of Jesus versus being a follower.

If you want to be challenged to be a follower then I would suggest getting this book. I will also tell you that you may not like to read what he says because it might make you very uncomfortable with where you are in your walk with Jesus.  It will, at times, feel like a hit in the face but you will, if you allow the Spirit to work, see the difference between fan/follower and hopefully make some changes in mindset and actions in your life.

One of those "hit in the face"comments that shook me up and I can't get out of my mind is his fan take on the verses from Matthew 23:23-24. Here's what he said:

If Jesus were preaching this sermon today, I think he might say something like:

"Woe to you fans, if you would be as passionate about feeding the poor as you are your church's style of worship, then world hunger would end this week. Woe to you fans, if you sacrificed as much to care for the homeless and hungry in the community as you do for your church building or place of worship, the need would be wiped out. Woe to you fans, if you would be as zealous about caring for the sick as you are about a 'Christmas tree' being called a 'holiday tree,' health insurance wouldn't be a problem."

I needed to read this book to be reminded to be a follower and not just a fan. Jesus wants all of us. He doesn't need a fan club.

My prayer is that we all become followers.

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