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Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Dear Winnie and Ans,

Gi is officially ready for you guys to get home.

He told me Monday that he couldn't wait for you guys to get home so we could have Crimas. He also wants to go swimming and play with you.

Yesterday, on the way home from Jojipa, he picked a couple of flowers like he normally does for mom.

I asked him if they were for her and he said, "No, they are for Bronwyn and Adwee."

We told him the flowers wouldn't make it 5 more weeks until you get home so he agreed to take some pictures with them so you could see what they looked like.
After the first picture I made the mistake of telling him to give me real smile. A big one for you guys and this is what he gave me.
 I don't remember what this pose was.
He's ready.

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