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Saturday, November 24, 2012


Dear Winnie and Adwee,

We had a good Thanksgiving day.

Mom worked in the kitchen most of the morning getting ready for supper. I continue to be amazed at her ability to make everything from scratch. No "cans of this" or "ready made that." She is, as you guys already know, the best.

Anderson had been ready for a few days for mom's food and for Thanksgiving.  So ready he decided to make a turkey hand drawing and hang it up on the wall in the hall.
The kids spent the afternoon, after Anderson got home from soccer practice, getting their cookies ready.

After I picked up Garrett from his soccer practice we came home for Thanksgiving supper. All Garrett could talk about on the way home was the food he was about to eat and how he remembered last years Thanksgiving in Memphis.

Gi didn't want to eat anything except one bite of the Bourbon store cooked chicken (too hot to do turkey) before he got some cookies and pie. He and I had some words about the food situation. He didn't like the conversation. I wasn't fond of it either. He finally ate a little and mom let him off easy and gave him some pie. You guys can imagine how all that went.

Garrett, in the middle of supper, said, "I sure wish Bronwyn and Ansley were here."

Typical family pictures. You gotta love Garrett.

After supper the boys got to watch a little American football.
And we were all in bed by 9:00 with full stomachs.

Only thing we missed out on was having you guys here.

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Leni sant anna said...

Não estava junto na Ceia mas no outro dia com certeza almoçei e provei das delícias da culinária da Benay. Muito gostoso...Ah, me apaixonei pelos cookies que os meninos fizeram. Amo estar com vcs. bjs