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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Engaged-The Revision

You know how there have always been jokes about mothers-in-laws and sons-in-laws and how they don't get along?

We won't have that problem here? Why? Because my girlfriend is already protecting her future son-in-law.

Yesterday I did a blog about the newly engaged couple and I "accidently" put a picture of Ansley (who was wearing Stephen's hat and glasses.....so you can see it was an honest mistake) in the place of Stephen.

When I showed my girlfriend she laughed. She thought it was funny.

Then she started worrying about Stephen. That maybe he wouldn't think it was as funny as we did. That maybe he got his feelings hurt. Then Garrett got home, saw the blog, and felt sorry for Stephen. I knew what conversation was coming and I was right. My girlfriend said, "You have to do a new blog and put a real picture of Stephen on it."

So here is the new picture and what Bronwyn's new fiance actually looks like:
If I'm being completely honest my girlfriend was very much worried for Stephen but she also confessed she didn't want people to think that B's future husband looked like her sister.

And if you are curious, I called B and found out that Stephen laughed when he saw the blog. Nice job Stephen. You'll do fine in this family!

So welcome to the family Stephen. You already have your protectors and your main one is your future mother-in-law.

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