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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Game Time Redo

Remember the big game last week? If not then just click here.
With one minute left, and the score tied 1-1, Garrett's team had a free kick close to the goal. If the game ended like it was we would have gone to the penalties to see who moves on to the final so we were, obviously, hoping to score on the free kick and end it.

As we set the ball up for the kick the other teams coach came onto the field, grabbed the ball and kicked it into the trees. He, apparently, didn't like the fact that we had chosen to use our ball instead of the ball they brought. Serious stuff right?

Some of our assistant coaches then bumped up the stupidity as they ran across the field and exchanged words with their coach and one of our assistants gave a slight push to their coach.

Everyone separated and then I saw the refs leaving. Like bags packed and going home type leaving.

Our team just stood on the field as the coaches talked to the directors of the tournament. Then everyone left.

We found out they suspended the game and would tell everyone the next day what the verdict was.

The next day we found out that both teams were eliminated from the tournament which, I thought, was a stupid decision. Punish the coaches, not the players, for not setting the right example and doing the right thing.

Anyway, after practice yesterday Garrett told me that the decision was reversed and the game is going to be finished today. They will play 5 or 10 minutes and, if no one scores the deciding goal, they will go to the penalties. The championship game will follow immediately after.

Great for Garrett's team, bad for Garrett. He didn't practice yesterday because he had a hurt leg. It feels better today and he's going to go to the game and see if he can play.

Right now he is at school studying with a friend for a test. Studying two hours before his game? I don't even know who he is anymore. His priorities are so messed up.

Here's hoping that the next post about this tournament will also include Garrett's team holding a trophy.

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