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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Birthday Goober

Today is this dork's birthday.
You know how we do things here. Here we go:

Gi: "Adwee, I miss you so much. Mom told me that when you get here I can skip school. YES!!! Really because I was crying at school last time and today I cried zero cries and we won and it was a soccer game and we won 2x1 for us. It was AWESOME! When you and Jenna come it's going to be so COOL!! I think I'm going to cry right now. We went to the chacara which is actually the farm. What did you get for Easter? I got an Avengers egg and the World Cup album.  And I'm going to have an Iron Man 3 birthday instead of the Avengers. Yeah. Bye Ansley I miss you so much! Happy Birthday!"

Anderson: "Happy Birthday Ansley!!! I really, really, really miss you and love you 10x more. I know I said that to Bronwyn too but I mean it for both of you. I can't wait til you get home. I might cry when you get here. We are going to have so much fun together! Fish, fish, rock, rock, jellyfish, electric shock shock."

Carys: "Happy birthday ans!! i miss you so much! i cant wait till you get here and we can stay up all night with jenna the nasty! UHUUU! well, i just wanted to thank you for being so awesome and being a great christian influence even though i know that the devil has challenged you a lot, and so just thanks for being awesome, funny, an amazing christian and (one of) the best sisters ever! i love you and you don't have cancer!!"

Garrett: "Happy Birthday ansley!! You are awesome and the funniest person i know! I miss you and love you, hope you have an awesome day!! 21 Now you can drink beer!"
B: "Adwee! Happy Birthday!!! I hope your day is great, and that you feel super loved. I am so happy that you picked ACU. I don't even know what I would have done without you. You are who I call when I need to be a baby and cry about something, and I will never ever forget the times you have dropped everything to come make sure I am okay. I love you SO much!!! Happy Birthday!"

Stephen: "Ansley, You are one of my closest friends. I am so glad that I can say that genuinely and not just by default because we are now related. You are one of the top people that I like to spend time with. When I look back on my last year of college, it will be in a large part defined by the fact that I got to spend so much time with you. Thank you so much for always being at our house. These memories will always be treasured by Bronwyn and I, and you have made us feel very loved this year. Your presence almost ALWAYS makes my day better. You have a spiritual gift for that, and it is quite amazing. It's so silly when you talk about how you are not that great because you are simply incredible and other people are jealous. I am so excited about what the future holds for you. I know God will have you do awesome things. Happy 21!!! Finally. Love you sister, Stephen."

Mom: "Ansley, As I start to write about you, the same words and phrases come to mind.  The ones you used to rebel against, and say "Can't you say something else about me?"  Well, sorry.  You brighten up everyone's world with your personality, you are creative, musically talented and you are awesome with kids.  I'm so happy now that you are embracing your God-given gifts and using them to the best of your ability and to His glory.  I love that you tell me things and like to hear my opinion.  You are a beautiful girl, inside and out and I love you so much and am so proud to be your mom.   Keep being yourself, because yourself is just awesome!  I can't wait until you get here because we are going to have an awesome, fun, busy summer (winter, down here).  Happy Birthday!!! (don't drink just because you are 21 :)) love, Mom"

Me: "Ans, It's hard to believe that you are 21 and it isn't at the same time. You are right where you are supposed to be and I love that. I could not be more proud of you and who you are in Jesus. Yes, I know you aren't perfect. No one is but you are a light to your friends at ACU and to your family. I loved getting to meet your friends when we were in Abilene and see how much your buds love you. I have always loved your laugh when you think something is really funny. I love how you make mom crack up at anything. I love how all your brothers and sisters love hanging out with you. Whether it's singing a weather song with a 5 year old, or making up a song with 10 year old, or watching dumb movies with a 17 year old or just hanging out with 15 and 23 year old dorks. God has given you many gifts and I love seeing how you are embracing them and making a kingdom difference for Him. Love you."

We are excited that you will be home next month. We can't wait! The boys are so excited they decided to make you a "Happy Birthday/We'll see you next month" dance video just for you.

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