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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Today is Anderson's birthday.
You know how we do things on special days so here we go:

Gi: "I love you. I can't say more because I'm puking right now." (He's been sick since last night)

Carys: "Hey anderson happy birthday!!! double digits finally! Thank you for being the always happy, God lover that you are. i love you so much, and thank you for teaching me that you don't have to be shy when your talking about God! love you XOXO" 

Garrett: "Andersooon!! Happy birthday buddy!!! I love you dude, you are so awesome and you are the best at soccer! When i grow up i want to play just like you dude!! I hope you had an awesome day today and i miss you buddy! And youre bday party is gonna be awesome tomorrow!!"

Ansley: "Hey AndyPants!!!!! My best friend, my partner in crime!! I am SO HAPPY it is your birthday. I can't believe you are already 10 (DOUBLE DIGITS ARE THE BEST). I can't explain to you how proud I am of everything you have done this year. You are in the quinto ano, you have the best friend ever (Lucas, and ME), and you are in the boy scouts now. Wow!!!! You are amazing buddy. I love you and can't wait to spend ALL. SUMMER. WITH. YOU. LOVE YOU!!!!!! Love, ANS!  P.S. Fish, fish, rock, rock, jellyfish, electric......you finish the rest. 

Bronwyn: "Hey Kanderson!!! Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have the best day EVER, and that you make Mom and Dad do everything you want. I miss you SO much, and I can't wait to see you super soon!!! You are the sweetest, most Christ-like dude ever, and I am so glad that I get to be your sister. I love  you SO MUCH!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Stephen: "Brother, You are one of the most mature young men I have ever met. I learn so much from you and I know that you are an incredible blessing to your friends and family. I'm so glad that I have many fun memories with you and am excited about making more this summer! I hope you have a great birthday. Give Carys a wet willy today. She can't do anything about it on your Bday. I love you bro." 

Godmother Leni: "Anderson, que Deus abencoe este teu novo ano de vida e possamos viver muitos momentos juntos. Feliz Aniversãrio. Te amo para sempre!!! beijao da sua dinda. (For our American readers: Anderson, God bless this new year of life and I hope we can share many moments together. Happy Birthday! I love you forever!!! A big kiss from your godmother.)

Mom: " Anderson, you are such a blessing.  You are and have always been so good and sweet.  You know how to make people feel loved and appreciated.  You are so smart and talented and HANDSOME!  I am so very lucky to be your mom!  I believe that God has a very special plan for your life because he gave you the gift of understanding Him and His word at such a young age.  I hope and pray that you will allow God to fulfill all His plans for your life and that you will continue to be a shining light for Him.  I love you so much!  Mom"

Me: "I love how you wake up with a smile every day. EVERY DAY!!! I have never met another person in my life who wakes up happy every day. I love how you bless your friends and how you are friends with everyone. I love your love for Jesus and how you aren't afraid to share his love with others. I love how you love the guys at the chácara and how they ask about you every time I'm there. I love that you are respectful to me and mom. I love the example that you are to our family. I am so proud of you. You are a great blessing to our family and I'm so glad God surprised us with you. You are one of the two biggest and best surprises (Garrett would be the other) that God has ever blessed us with. Have a great day bro! I love you!"


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Elyssa Smith said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDERSON! Hope your day was as special as you are! Enjoy your party! Wish we were there to celebrate and play soccer with you!!!! - Elyssa and Josh