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Monday, April 14, 2014



Yesterday we picked up Nereu from the Sedi and went to house church at Cledi's. After church Nereu came home with us and ate lunch. We took him back to the Sedi around 3:30 and then me and mom went to the grocery store. We have the bazar at Farroupilha this week and we needed supplies.

While we were there the second, and final, game of the gauchão was being played in Caxias. Lots of goofy reasons kept the second game from being at Beira Rio.

By the time we got home in the second half we were winning 4x0 and the boys were going crazy. After every goal Quigs told us Garrett was opening up the den window and yelling INTER!!!!!!!!!

We thought you would like the highlights with Pedro Ernesto instead of Paulo Brito. You will LOVE the commentary after our 4th goal. We so dominated the game we even scored gremio's goal for them. Combined score over the 2 games was 6x2.

Wish you guys could have been here to see one more championship with us.

Here are your goals:

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Ansley said...

Any day we beat Gremio 4x1 is a great day for me!