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Thursday, April 24, 2014


It's been a while since we've posted some isms. People seem to like them so here you go:

Anderson: “Gareth Bale, one of the best soccer players in the world!”
Benay: “What’s his nationality?”
Anderson: “I have no idea but he’s from England.”

Gi: “How can a person breathe in the mouth of a whale?”

Gi: “How does Thor know how to breathe out of the future?”

Gi: “Dad, what’s the stuff in your ears? Not the boogers but the other stuff?”

Gi: “Dad, were you alive when I was born?”

Anderson: “Dad could you still talk if your whole head was cut off?”

Anderson: (reading from a knock knock book) “Knock knock.”

Gi: “Who’s there?”
Anderson: “Celeste.”
Gi: “Ha, good one.”
Anderson: “No Giovanni. Never mind.”

Anderson: “Dad if you could play for any team in England who would it be?”
Me: “I’m not sure.”
Anderson: “Mine would be either Chelsea or Manchester United.”
Gi: “Mine would be Manchested United or One Direction.”

Anderson: “Dad, have you ever been speechless?”

Gi: “Hey dad, if you dance with the window down while you are driving the cops will get you.”

Gi: “I just pooted like a nice, warm day.”

Anderson: (after Giovanni got in bed next to him) “You smell good. You smell like a goat.”

Anderson: (after riding a roller coaster) “I’m so proud of myself. I think my adrenaline is growing.”

Gi: (talking about something that’s just for older adults)
“That’s for old year olds.”

Gi: “Hey dad, are we going to watch the Mr. Peabody and Sherman movie?”
Me: “I think so.”
Gi: “Hashtag........what?”

Anderson: (looking at Garrett at lunch) “Garrett, unbelievable. You have already graduated high school and you still live with your parents.”

Anderson: “The other day me, Leo, Lucas, Carys and Alice saw an alien spaceship fly over us. As it flew by I thanked them for street food.”
Me: "Street food?”
Anderson: “Yes because according to NatGeo they created street food.”

Gi: “Boys can’t see girls appropriate and girls can’t see boys appropriate.”
Me: “Appropriate?”
Gi: “Yes.”
Anderson: “Do you even know what appropriate means?”
Gi: “Yes, it means naked.”
Anderson: “Whoa! You do know what it means. Nice job Gio!”

Gi: “Dad, I was in my room playing with my toys and I smelled my breath and it stinks. It smells like the wall.”

Gi: “Dad, this jello feels silly in my mouth.”

Gi: “What’s your favorite color stick?”

Gi: “Whales can only swim in beautiful water right?”

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