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Saturday, August 02, 2008

She Made It

We went to the airport yesterday to pick up Ansley:But not before nature girl Carys had to pick up and play with a roly-poly bug (she had never seen one before)..... .....and, of course, show it to her little brother. Ansley's flight was about 10 minutes late. So, some of us waited with family............while others waited in the middle of their happy friends. Ansley even had a fan club waiting for her. After 6 weeks apart, we were very anxious to finally get to hug our daughter/sister.Bronwyn even talked a security guard into letting her go and help Ansley with her bags. She got the first hug. Then it was Anderson's turn. Here's what it looks like when a 9 year old sees her sister for the first time in over 6 weeks:

She had a great trip. We are happy to have her back. Thank you for the prayers for her safety!
By the way, Garrett couldn't make it to the airport. He had soccer practice (this is the soccer capital of the world). He did promise to score a goal in Ansley's honor. After picking her up from the airport we went to his practice, and 10 minutes after we arrived he scored, looked at Ansley, and smiled. We all have different ways of welcoming her home and saying "I love you".

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