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Friday, May 07, 2010

Last Night

Okay this blog is mainly for my (Kevin's) dad.  He counts on us to keep him up to date with our favorite soccer team.

We played last night in the Libertadores (biggest South American championship for those who didn't know).

Bronwyn, Garrett and I went to the game.  Ansley couldn't go because she had to study for a test.  Uh......what?  I'm not sure she is my child.  Putting studying for a test before a game?  Anyone have an idea how much DNA testing costs?

We played a team from Argentina.  We played in their house last week and they beat us 3-1.  That meant that we had to win 2-0 last night to go to the next round.  Or 3-1 to go to the penalties.  If either of those two scores didn't happen (and we didn't tie or get beat) then we would of had to win by a difference of 3 goals.  Impossible?  No.  Extremely difficult?  Yes.

We were hoping for 2-0.

What happened?  We won, 2-0.

Lots of highlights for my dad (and all you other Inter fans).  Mainly for my dad because his favorite player (#10) played great last night.  He started both plays that led to our goals.

Here are the goals:

Here are the best plays of the game:

And this one is a little icing on the cake for my dad.  It's the play by play guy calling our second goal that put us into the quarterfinals.

We play next week against another team from Argentina.  They're tough.  They won the Libertadores last year and almost won the world championship.

Impossible to beat them?  No.  Difficult?  Yes.  But me and the 3 oldest Blume kids will be at the game next week.

Anderson is already asking when the world championship is.  We are trying to tell him that we have a long way to go against super tough teams for us to even be the champions in South America first.

He's a dreamer.....or is that a believer?

Whatever happens, we'll keep you updated.

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