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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunday-Part 3

After Auristela's baptism and birthday lunch we had more even more people come to our house.

Why? For another baptism.

Our brother, Rafael, had decided he wanted to show his faith through baptism as well.

So we all went back outside to our big tupperware container.

Flavia, his mother, and I had the privilege of baptizing Rafael but not before we had a time of sharing.

Bronwyn read some verses from Luke for Rafael. The verses of how heaven was having a party for him (and Auristela) on Sunday.

Don't you just love how Giovanni is really taking in God's word?

Benay then shared our family's love for Rafael. We've had the blessing of watching him grow from a young boy to this maturing young man. He's like a son to us.

His aunt shared how proud she was of him. Matt shared how this was a new beginning.  Even his young cousin shared some classic comments that just fit perfectly with our house church and how we like to have a good time. His quote was, "Sometimes you are mean but for a cousin you are really cool!" Lots of sharing.

Flavia then shared what her son meant to her and how proud she was of him.  How she had been praying for his decision for years and how faithful our God is. Very special.

Then Flavia and I had the honor of baptizing Rafael.
I really love the big smile on Flavia's face as Rafael comes out of the water. What an incredible blessing it was for her to spiritually and physically be such a big part of her son's new beginning.

After his baptism, Rafael then shared a little bit and thanked God for his church family.

Then it was time for everyone to love on our brother. Our church family is good at doing that.

Please keep Rafael in your prayers. I think I shared last week that he goes to school in another city. On Sunday he took an hour long bus ride to get here so that he could be baptized and then he took the hour bus ride back home that night.  Please ask God to give him strength to continue growing in his new faith walk. He's not surrounded by very many, if any, Christians where he lives. If you are a Christian then you know how hard that would be to not have a family of faith encouraging you in person. Phone calls are good but they don't match one on one time with God's family.  Now imagine doing that when you are a 17 year old. He will be with our family ever other weekend but he will need lots of prayers as he begins this new part of his life.

Thanks, in advance, for praying for him.  He is a really special young man.

As you can tell from our blogs so far, Sunday was an amazing day. But God isn't done. Tomorrow we'll share more of what He did on Sunday.

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