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Friday, May 28, 2010

Sunday-Part 5

After all the good stuff that God did on Sunday there was no better way to end it than by singing together as a family.

We sang together before Paulo Renato prayed for and Bronwyn and Grace served the Lord's Supper to everyone.

We then sang to end our awesome day together.

I don't know what Grace and Bronwyn were doing but I love this picture that Bronwyn took of Grace.  Her face just reminded me of the fun time we had on Sunday.
Of course we ended our festive, celebrative day with what else?  More cake.
What a great day of rejoicing both here with our house church family and in heaven!

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Sascha said...

Love it, guys! Simply love it! I love that you had video of that particular song with Tiago there in the foreground. He and I sang that a few times when we went camping. Good times! Best times! Give him a hug for me - give them all hugs for me!