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Monday, August 22, 2011

Awesome Futebol Weekend


You missed an incredible futebol weekend.

First, Saturday night, the under 20 Brasilian seleção won the World Cup 3-2 against Portugal. Ansley's boyfriend made all three goals. Amazing. Especially his last goal. Here are your highlights from that game.

Then yesterday Ronaldinho Gaúcho and Flamengo came to town. We almost didn't get in (me,Anderson and Garrett) because they said they sold all the tickets. I decided that we needed to go home to watch it on tv but Garrett wanted to stay in the line to try to get one even though everyone said it was sold out. While he was in the line a friend (André S.) called me to say he heard on the radio that they just freed up 500 more tickets. Garrett was about 100 people out when it happened so he got a ticket for R$15. His persistence paid off.

Even with us playing short one man(Guinazu got red carded), the juiz cheating (as usual against teams from Rio and São Paulo.....notice the guy pushing our barreira during Ronaldinho's falta with no call and D'Alessandro getting pushed down in the área with no call), and Ronaldinho playing better than anybody in Brasil right now (except Damião)we played great and ended up tying them and almost won at the end. Damião made a bicicleta to tie it at 2. It was awesome. It was the best tie game we've ever been to. People were clapping when it was over. I've never seen that happen before. Even the Flamengo fans enjoyed it. Even Garrett, "Mr. only an Inter victory is good Garrett", didn't complain about the tie so you know it was good.
Here are the highlights from that game:

Finally, saving the best for last, your brother had a game yesterday morning.
His team won 7-1. He scored twice, almost scored again and assisted in 2 other goals. Here are his melhores momentos.

Sorry you missed the fun.

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Bronwyn said...

Andersons is my favorite. Duh. I forgot for a few minutes that I wasn't watching a pro team. Awesome job Anderson!