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Friday, August 26, 2011


A couple of days ago Ansley and I were talking to her grandparents. Which pair of grandparents isn't important because the story is the same for both sets.

You see Skype and computer things like that give the grandparents fits at times.

Yesterday as Ansley (off camera) began laughing at the technology challenged grandparents, she ran to her computer and found a video on Youtube. She showed me the video below. We then showed it to the grandparents and they couldn't stop laughing. They wanted to fight it and deny it but ended up accepting it as fact.

It's a mirror image of what we often see when we talk to any of the 4 grandparents.

We think you'll like it and will be reminded of someone in your family.

And grandparents, don't blame me. Ansley sent me the link and so I had to post it. Blame her.



The Lighthouse... said...

The best is Grandpa yelling "NO!"

Anonymous said...

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