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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life or Death?

Like with any sport, soccer fans can be crazy. Soccer fans also, like in any other sport, blame the refs if things don't go their teams way. I've learned lots of swear words in Portuguese just listening to the fans yell at the refs during games.

The video below is of an elderly man who didn't like the way the ref called the game against his team. It happened in the city of Oss, The Netherlands. After the game he decided to get onto the field to take matters into his own hands.

Take a look:

My question? How does an old guy on a scooter get that scooter, A SCOOTER, onto the soccer field with no security noticing. Maybe he slipped the security guy a 50 for the chance to run over the ref at 2mph.

At the end of the video you see that they both, the ref and scooter guy, entered the players' tunnel. I wonder if scooter guy swung back around and made another swipe at the ref or if they just broke out in fisticuffs?

For lots of people sports are definitely life or death. This guy definitely fits that category.

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