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Monday, November 07, 2011

Ansley leaves her home today. She won't be back for almost 7 months.

She arrives in the states tomorrow for a couple of months. Then she goes to Ecuador for 5 months. Back home for a month or two and then off to college.

It's been tough for her saying goodbye to all her friends but she's been making good use of her last few days at home.

Lots of people have come to tell her bye.

Dee and Laura (our new missionary buds in POA), even did a blog about how much they will miss Ansley. Click here if you want to read what they have to say.

Ansley has lived more of her life in Brasil than in any other place. It's her home. I know it's been tough for her to say goodbye to everyone but I also know that God has used her to make a kingdom difference in the lives of many of her friends. Go back and look above at all the friends that have come to tell her bye. Even one of her high school teachers (1st picture) came to our house to hang out one more time.

We are, obviously, excited to see her tomorrow but are praying that she is able to soak up and enjoy every minute she has with her buds back home. I'm sure she will have a group at the airport sending her off today.

Please pray for safe travels for our daughter and for a peace, that only comes from God, as she continues to follow His will for her life and steps out in faith. Thank you.

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