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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

One More Day

We got a call from Ansley last night around 8:45. Delta had cancelled the overnight flight to Atlanta.

They claimed it was for maintenance but Ansley said only 30 people were on the flight so we are thinking they might have moved it forward one night to get more paying customers on the flight.

She's stayed in a hotel last night, with a couple of other stranded girls from the same flight, and then will get to do the whole deal over again tonight.

Whatever the real reason they cancelled the flight we are upset that we didn't wake up early today to go straight to the airport to pick her up.

We'll just have to be patient and pray that she will be back with us bright and early tomorrow morning.

We would appreciate your continued prayers for her safety and that she will be able to fill up her day today with fun stuff as her flight doesn't leave Brasil until around midnight their time.

Everybody is ready to be like this again tomorrow.

Even the teenage brother is excited to see and hug his sister again.

Side note that takes a little set up......Last weekend my dad had a guy weekend with Garrett and Anderson. He has done guy trips with my two nephews for years. We, because of the distance, the young age of our kids and the fact that we are only here for 2 months every 2 years and those 2 months are crazy busy, haven't been able to find time for a guy trip. Until this year. Dad took our boys to see the Vols play in Knoxville on Saturday night and the Titans play on Sunday afternoon. Garrett and Anderson had a great time and came home wearing Titans jerseys and told us how much fun they had. Garrett got home and asked about the score of our favorite soccer team on Sunday. So, over the weekend, he saw one victory (UT), one loss (Titans) and heard about our soccer team back home (loss).

Garrett, if you know him, only gets excited about a couple of things. Soccer and soccer (and he likes American sports when we are in the states) but he's also always been a compassionate guy and he loves his family. That showed this morning.

He went to sleep before everyone else last night (we played hard in the backyard yesterday) and had no idea about Ansley. This morning he got up at 5 to take a shower (we were to leave around 6:45 to go get Ansley at the airport). He got dressed up (nice shirt) came downstairs after his shower. He was excited. He came down and saw his grandmother who told him about Ansley's delayed flight. He couldn't believe it. He came into the room I was in and asked if it was true. I told him it was. He gave a heavy sigh and gave this deep, heartfelt comparison to what he was feeling:

"First Inter loses on Sunday. Then the Titans lose and now Ansley's flight gets cancelled."

To associate Ansley not being here today with sports is the truest form of an expression of love from our teenage son.

Pure, deep, brother-sister love is what came out of that simple comment.

And I just smiled as I heard it.

We have our share of scuffles in our house but at the end of the day our kids love each other deeply.

And I smile again as I type those words.

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Leni said...

Também, né....ela não quiz que eu fôsse no aeroporto fazer a oração pela sua viajem como sempre faço pelo pessoal que viaja...rsrsrsrsrsr.
Que nada, só tou fazendo uma brincadeirinha...rsrsrs. No final tudo dará certo. Deus está no comando.bjs a todos.