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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Prayers for ACU

Last night, we got a call from Bronwyn asking us to pray.  A bus carrying some agriculture students to a weekend mission work, crashed.  One student died and several were injured.

Bronwyn later found out that the person who died was a friend of hers.  She is upset, but doing OK.  It is hard to lose a friend.

Please remember everyone at ACU in your prayers, and especially the families of the victims and the ones who are still in the hospital.

You can read more about the accident here.

The Lord is good.  When trouble comes, he is a strong refuge.  And he knows everyone who trusts him.
Nahum 1:7

1 comment:

Leni said...

Que notícia triste...
Estarei orando por todos os envolvidos no acidente familiares e logo estaremos reunidos para o culto e despedida de ans e daremos essa notícia aos irmãos para orarem pelos estudantes da ACU. Que Boni esteja mais confortada pelas orações. bjs