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Wednesday, November 02, 2011


We arrived in Memphis on Monday in time for Halloween. Two years ago we were able to do Halloween with Benay's parents in Alabama. This year we decided to let my parents share some of that fun.

We don't really do Halloween in Brasil so when you say "dress up" and "free candy" to our kids it was like an automatic sugar rush before the sugar actually entered their body.

My girlfriend's mom took our kids last week to get their costumes.

Here is what they came up with:
Carys was Sponge Babe. Anderson was Cad Bane (bounty hunter from Star Wars movie). See the resemblance?
Giovanni was a steroid taking Tow-Mater from the Cars movie.
We set out with the kids, my parents, my girlfriend, Garrett (who told us he was too old to trick or treat) and myself and we walked around the neighborhood. It took Giovanni all of one house to get used to the process. When the lady at the first house we went to put some chocolate in his bucket he looked at me and his face said, "Can you believe this? People are just giving me this stuff!"

From then on he ran from door to door.

On the Sunday before Halloween we worshipped with my girlfriend's parents home church family. During the worship time the kids were invited to be close to the man sharing the lesson at the front of the sanctuary. From time to time he would stop and everyone would sing. The songs were for everyone but directed towards the kids. They sang "I'm in the Lord's Army."

Anyway, after that first house, as the kids walked to each house, Giovanni would sing "I'm in the Lord's Army" loudly. He then took his candy, thanked the owners and ran back to us screaming something that we never could understand. Carys thought he was saying something about awesome. I asked him and he confirmed that something was "awesome" but we never could exactly figuring out what he said. He screamed the same thing after every house.

After walking on the streets for a more than an hour we decided it was time to go home.

Some people immediately looked over their haul.
We found out that Carys actually counted every piece of candy to help prevent against a sneak attack from her older brother (which happens frequently).

Not long after we got home the trick or treaters crashed. They were worn out from their night.

It was fun and we had a great time.


Leni said...

gatinhooooo!!!!!!...voce está lindo com essas orelhas grandes....rsrsrsrs. Imagino a cena do Giovanni cantando e a facerice quando descobriu que ganhava doces ao bater nas portas.....que fofo!!!!!!

Leni said...

Que legal as fantasias de todos...