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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Adam and Spencer

Eight days ago these two goobers.....
......got here.

They are Adam (on the right) and Spencer (obviously on the left) and they are from our sponsoring church in Alabama.

They've been an amazing blessing to our family, our church family and God's work here in Porto Alegre.

And we've kept them busy.

In eight days here:

-They got to live with three different families that are a part of our house church family.
-They've gone out to eat with different Brasilians and experienced lots of our good food.
-They've participated in our house church worship.
-They've participated in a bible study with an entire family.
-They've visited another family and hung out with their kids.
-They visited different language schools in the city and got a chance to share about themselves, their lives in    the United States and about their faith in Jesus.
-They got to participate in an English party in our house.
-They got to travel around our city and visit other parts of our state.
-They got to know our house church family.

Another thing they did was bless our kids. Anytime our kids can be around strong Christians it's a blessing to us. Adam and Spencer fit right in with our family. Push up contests, goofing on each other, eating with us, cracking on each other, you name it and they participated.

And they blessed my girlfriend and myself. They were willing and excited to do anything that needed to be done. They were on their own, with our brother Paulo Renato, quite a bit last week because of our cookie bazaars and they didn't even blink. They just jumped in and we loved it. They laughed with us and with the Brasilians. They showed Christ in everything they did. They really encouraged us both.

The plan is that this is the first visit from people from our new sponsoring church and that more visits are to come. We already look forward to the next group and our church members have already asked when they are coming back. I love how God can bond His kids together in such a short amount of time.

We are excited that Adam and Spencer came and that we got to know them better and that they got to know their brothers and sisters here and can go home and share what God shared with them over these last few days.

We are excited to see how God will work through our church family in Alabama and our church family here to bring His kingdom to earth.

It should be a fun journey together.

For now, we ask that you pray for their safety as they head back to Alabama this afternoon.

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Valerie said...

I'm thankful God provided a great new church for you guys!

That picture is cracking me up! Everyone is clearly dressed for fall/winter and he's in shorts! You've got to love visitors!