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Monday, May 07, 2012


It's Ansley's final week of living in Ecuador. She gets home in six more days.

We know she'll be sad to leave her kids there but we are a little excited about her coming home. Giovanni keeps asking when he can have a sleep over with Ansley.

This week we'll get Ansley ready to come home by sharing some videos that, honestly, will mainly interest her. The rest of you guys are welcomed to share but they might be boring to you. You've been warned.

The first video is of her boyfriend.

He played yesterday and saved the game for us.

Here he is just for you:

It's the first time he's played, as you know, in a month and a half because of the stupidity of São Paulo and the judicial system.

 What did he do after he scored? This:
He cried.

It's like he just let out all of the frustration of the past 47 days. It made us like him even more. Mom said "Awwww" when it happened like she was thinking of what that would be like to watch Garrett do the same thing. A mom's compassion. After the game he couldn't even talk to the reporters because he started crying again.

Unfortunately, for you, he still made the L sign with his hand after he scored for his wife.

But the good news is you can start watching him in person again starting next week. Right after you have your sleep over with Giovanni.

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ansley maye blume said...

I am in love with Oscar. Can't wait to see him and MAYBE my presence in the stadium will make him shoot an A in my general direction after scoring a goal. Just maybe. Tell Vuvies I am SO EXCITED ABOUT OUR SLEEPOVERS. I cant wait!!!!