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Friday, May 11, 2012



In two days you'll be back with us. We know you are sad to leave all your kids in Ecuador so we thought we'd do a blog today to help you smile while you say your goodbyes. 

As you know, in our family we've always gotten a good laugh from the "isms" of the family. Mainly the Andersonisms. 

We still, obviously, have his but lately I've also been keeping track of other family "isms" (mainly Garrett and Giovanni) as well. 

So, to get your mind ready for the family lingo I've shared a few of the recent good ones below:

Anderson: (coming back from playing soccer with me at Sogipa) “Dad your nose is dripping sweat.”
Me: “I know. And you have a sweat moustache.”
Anderson: (touching his face) “I know and I wish I could keep it forever.” 

Anderson: (same conversation) “Have you always wanted to be sweaty your whole life?”
Me: “What do you mean?”
Anderson: “Have you always wanted to be do stuff to make you sweaty?”
Me: “Well I usually get pretty sweaty when I run.”
Anderson: “Hey have you ever tried to get a girl not to like you?”

Anderson: (at 6:30 a.m. on mom's birthday) “What do you think mom is dreaming about right now?”
Me: “I don’t know.”
Anderson: “Her birthday?”
Me: “Probably not.”
Anderson: “Gummy bears?”
Me: “Maybe.”
Anderson: “Maybe it’s about women. She normally dreams about women jumping into a pond.”  

Garrett: “Dad, I got water in my ear. How do I get it out?”
Me: “I always just hop on one leg.”
Garrett: “Which leg?”

Anderson: “Dad, where do they keep the document that Japan signed to end World War   I?”
Me: “It was World War II and I don’t know.”
Anderson: “You don’t have any idea?”
Me: “Probably in Washington D.C.”
Anderson: “Underground?”
Me: “I don’t think so.”
Anderson: “In the White House with the President?”
Me: “I don’t think so.”
Anderson: “Yeah, they probably keep it in some extravaganza building.”

(Mom singing “How Great is Our God” to Giovanni)
Giovanni: “Do you sing that at church?” 
Mom: “Yes. What’s your favorite church song?”
Giovanni: “Brother McGoofy Pants.”

Anderson: “Hey Garrett, scratch your knee with your finger. It feels soooo good!”
Garrett: (scratching his knee)
Anderson: “See! It’s like an electronic jacuzzi.”

Anderson: “Dad, when you die would you rather be buried or burst in flames?”
burst in flames=cremated

Giovanni: “My eyes are blue. They are nagical!”

Anderson: (in our apartment driveway going into the garage) “Look! A dead rat in the tree!”
Me: (without even looking) “I don’t think so.”
Anderson: “Well maybe it was a baby mouse cause it was small. Or a leaf. Or a pair of monkey ears.”

Anderson: “Dad, could the President of the United States use a coupon like this: One for the price of 79?”
Me: “Maybe because he’s the president.”
Anderson: “Imagine how weird that coupon would be!”

Me: “What’s that?” (looking at a picture in a book that Anderson wrote)
Anderson: “It’s an alien.”
Me: “What’s that coming out of it? Blood?”
Anderson: “No. It’s milkus. When you shoot an alien milkus comes out of it.”
Milkus (obviously)=mucus

Garrett: “My name backwards is Ttrerrag.”
Anderson: “Mine is Nosredna.” 
Giovanni: “Mine is GIBBY!!”

Giovanni: “Hey dad, do you like Man vs Food?”
Me: “Yes I really like that show. What’s your favorite episode?”
Giovanni: “The wonderful world of gumballs.”

Anderson: (at an Inter game) “Can I have a coke?”
Me: “Not tonight buddy.”
Anderson: (about 5 minutes later) “Ohhhhh, I’m so thirsty I could drink chicken blood!”

Since you, Ans, do the best British accent of the family  I share this good one from Anderson:

Anderson: (after watching a History channel show about divers going to the wreck site of the ship Britannic and hearing the two divers talk about what they saw after being at the site for 4 hours.....the show was filled with Americans and Britons) 
“Dad, he was under the water for so long that he lost his British accent. He’s American now.” 
Me: “I don’t know if that’s what happened. Are you sure?”
Anderson: “Dad just listen to him. He had a British accent and because he was under the water for 4 hours he lost his accent. Now he sounds American.”
(Obviously confusing one of the British guys interviewed with the American who was actually doing the diving)

I end with my personal favorite over the last couple of months:

Anderson: (while watching a show on Animal Planet) “Why do eagles have to do circles?”
Me: “I think because they are looking for food.”
Anderson: “Yeah, I know but does it have to be circles? Couldn’t it be triangles?”

Two more days and you get a front row seat to this talk every day for the next couple of months. 

P.S. For you loyal readers out there: Ansley asked for your prayers today on her blog. Please take 2 minutes to go there, by clicking here, and leave an encouraging comment. It would be like a long distance hug for her. Thanks in advance. 

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