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Wednesday, May 23, 2012



Just think, in one day you will get to enjoy what mom enjoyed last Sunday.

She went with me and Anderson to an Inter game. Ladies got in free because of Mother's Day so she hung out with us. She celebrated with Anderson after one of our goals....

.....but it seemed like she was really more interested in the pipoca doce than the game.

You get next game with the A man.

We also couldn't let you get on the plane today without sharing your favorite video. It will help get you ready for the madness:

You also need to know that Carys is now CRAZY for the group One Direction (bought the CD, posters in her room, etc.) and after about one day this song will be in your head because you will have heard it 1,000 times. You know Carys.

1,000 times might not be that big of an exaggeration. You've been warned.

We are officially ready for your arrival.

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