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Monday, May 21, 2012


In three days our oldest goober comes home from college.

She's told me that when she's bored or needs a laugh at college she goes back and looks at some old videos on our blog.

So to get her ready for an overload of little brothers and sisters we thought we'd get her mind ready by sharing some videos just for her over the next couple of days.

So B, the first thing you need to be ready for is some dance time:

You also need to be ready for music and singing:

You need to be ready to goof on little brothers and sisters (I guess you didn't need to be reminded of this one)....

.....and your mom:

And even though you won't have early college classes you need to get up for we'll make sure you get up bright and early anyway. We'll wake you up to the awesome sounds of the Carys orchestra because every day you are here will be like your birthday:

And because well, let's be honest, sometimes you need help waking up in the mornings:

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