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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Birthday Boy

Today is Anderson's birthday. 

Here we go: 

Giovanni: "I want you to get those Brasil toys on tv. Not at the grocery store. And get the Inter stadium against gremio and Inter, those toys, for your birthday. Happy Birthday!"

Carys: "Anderson i know we fight sometimes but i just want you to know that i love you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much you are the coolest little brother ever (don't tell Squigs...) i hope you have the best birthday party ever and the best birthday and the best presents and the best everything!!!!"

Garrett: "Hey candy pants... HAPPY BDAY! You are so so so awesome, funny and a super great soccer player! I cant wait to see you on TV playing soccer for S.C. INTERNACIONAL and then on the Selecaaaaaaao do Brasiiil!! I hope you have an awesome day because you deserve it!! I love you so much! YO ARE FLIPPIN COOL BRO!"

Ansley: "Anderson, first let me just start out by saying... FISH FISH, ROCK ROCK, JELLYFISH ELECTRIC SHOCK SHOCK!!!!! I hope you have the BEST BIRTHDAY OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. Thank you for always making me love life and for being so happy and content all the time. You are so close to God and I love it because it makes me want to be close to Him as well. I miss you SO MUCH! I cannot wait to see you in like six weeks.... AAAHNBJXOAUOSDIH*EY(*EYQIOHDXOISJA)S(UC()EUE#*EUI#EHQOEI@U#)(E@&UYHUIHSXLASXJIOH (dolphin noises) JOISJCXNS(A*U)(UHOASLKD (gorillas screaming) HMBIAHSDOIAHSD(WHIUHBKJXCOIH (fireworks)H HAUSHA)DPOAS JNXHASID. That is how excited I am right now for you and because I get to see you soon!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!"

Bronwyn: "Anderson!!! Happy birthday dude! I am so glad that I get to have you as a little brother  You are so sweet to everyone, you always try to make people happy, you LOVE playing with people, you love God a whole lot, you're the best soccer player ever (don't let Garrett tell you he's better), and you're pretty much the most awesome person in the whole world. I am SO excited to see you soon, and that you get to come early and hang out with me! I love you so much and I hope your birthday is AWESOME!!!! Love you!!!"

Stephen: "Dear Anderson, Please get here to the states soon so that we can have a club. Seriously, it needs to happen. Basically, you are the coolest 9 year old ever. Don't get cocky, but it's true. You are thoughtful and selfless way beyond your years, and you teach me a lot about the right way to live. Thanks for who you are! I love you brother, Happy Birthday."

Girlfriend:  "Anderson, you are the biggest surprise I've ever gotten in my life!  And one of the best ones, too.  God blessed our family when you were born.  You have always been so cute and sweet and easy to get along with. You wake up happy every day.  I love your hugs and kisses and your blue eyes.  You are so handsome!  I love that you love the Lord and He has blessed you with an understanding and knowledge of Him that many adults don't ever have.  I pray that you will just keep loving the Lord and growing to be stronger and stronger every day.  Thank you for all the joy and happiness you bring to me and to our family.  I love you so much and I love being your mom! "

Me: "Anderson, I can't believe that you are nine! You are one of the best surprises God has ever given this family. I love how you wake up happy every day. EVERY DAY! That is totally amazing. I don't know, and have never known, anyone else who wakes up happy every day. I love how much you love the Lord. I love how you love to study the Bible on your own. I love to listen to you pray. You just talk to your dad. That's the way it's supposed to be but not very many people pray that way. The Holy Spirit speaks to you in a strong way. I/we listen when you talk about spiritual things because you teach us a lot. You teach me a bunch about being a Christian. Thank you! I love how you tell your friends about Jesus. You aren't afraid. I love the new dream you have of going to play pro soccer in Iran just so you can tell the people there how much Jesus loves them. You know about Iran and Christians and you want to go anyway. There aren't many adult Christians that I know that think like that. I love it when you say that you want to go on an adventure for Jesus. I love how much you love your family. How you cry when you have to tell your sisters bye at the airport when they go back to college and how you run and bear hug them when they come home. I love how you try to do what's right and you immediately say you're sorry when you've done something wrong. I love our talk time together. I love our soccer Saturday/Sundays together. You are a great big and little brother. I'm so glad that God blessed our family with you! I love you bro!"

Happy Birthday Anderson! We love you!

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