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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Test Time


Thought you might be missing your high school English classes. So today's post is part of a test that Garrett took in his English class recently.

It should be easy for you two veterans.

The first part of his test had ten mini phrases. He had to write the opposites of each one.

He only got seven out of ten correct. We were a little concerned with that score until we saw the phrases.

See if you guys can beat seventy per cent. Remember to think of the opposite of each one.

Here you go:

1. A cosy bed
2. A dry basement
3. Bitter coffee
4. A smart shirt
5. A low sound
6. A light meal
7. A tasty hamburger
8. A mild dish
9. A sour pineapple
10. Spicy food

Give us your answers and we'll let you know if you did better than Garrett.

Just in case there is a tie here is your tiebreaker. Correct either one of these sentences:

1. Wow.....your chicken lasagna tastes like deliciously. 

2. She's got such long nails, they look claws. 

Good luck students!


Bronwyn said...

All right, here's my attempt. This is so silly! Are you sure his teacher speaks english?

1. A lumpy bed (what on earth is the opposite of "cosy"?)
2. A wet basement
3. Sweet coffee
4. A dumb shirt (I don't know what this means. I didn't know shirts could be smart)
5. A high sound (or maybe loud. Whatevs)
6. A heavy meal
7. A yucky burger (maybe gross? WHAT IS THIS THING?)
8. A spicy dish
9. A sweet pineapple
10. Bland food

That seemed so much easier before I tried to do it.

Here's my attempt at the sentences.
1. Wow... your chicken lasagna tastes delicious.
2. She's got such long nails, they look like claws.

I nailed both of those, I just know it.

Sascha Terry said...


Sascha Terry said...

Jennifer is crying she is laughing so hard!

adwee said...

I am dying here. Okay here goes.

1. An uncomfortable bed.
2. A wet basement. (gross!?)
3. Sweet coffee
4. A dumb shirt (.........?)
5. A high sound (what does that even mean)
6. A heavy meal
7. A gross hamburger
8. A hot dish (what is this, taco bell hot sauce packet flavors?! )
9. A sweet pineapple (duh)
10. Mild food

okay here are the tiebreakers:

1. Whoah crickey! Wow! Your chicken lasagna tastes like deliciously.
2. He's got such long nails, they look claws.

I win.

stcase10 said...

What kind of janked up English class did you put your child in Kevin?