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Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter-Day One

We wanted to share, over the next couple of days, about our Easter weekend. We realize that some of what we share will only be interesting to a couple of college kids in Texas. You've been warned.

Our house church family decided to have our worship on Good Friday last week instead of on Sunday so that people could enjoy Sunday with their families. I liked their decision.

Everyone was invited to our house.

My girlfriend did a lot of research about the Passover meal and then prepared the meal, as best she could with the ingredients we had, and we all shared in the meal together.
We learned what things meant and why they were done.

We read from scripture.
We sang.

We prayed.

Everyone was involved. Especially the kids. Just like the real Passover meal. I loved that.
It was a very cool thing to be a part of and everyone enjoyed and learned from out time together.

For years my girlfriend has said she would love to be a Jewish Christian. She loves the Jewish traditions and what they mean. She, as always, did a great job of sharing God's word with everyone. I was talking later that night to Garrett about how she is the best bible teacher I've ever known. He looked me in the eyes and said, "Yes, she is." High praise from a 16 year old. I love how she uses her gifts for the Lord. When she does it brings her and everyone around her great joy. God made her a teacher. She teaches.

Friday night my girlfriend did what God made her to do. She humbly taught from His word. And as we worshipped and celebrated as God's family we were all, for a two hour period, Jewish Christians. And it was the most meaningful thing we could have done on sexta-feira santa.

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