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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Easter-Day Two

Last Friday my girlfriend said, "I would really like to get out of town this weekend and do something together as a family."

Sounded good and I was all for it but, for various reasons, our out of town options were limited. 

That night the dad of Anderson's best friend, Lucas, brought him home. Anderson had been at Lucas' house all day. When his dad, Vitor, dropped him off he asked if we would want to hang out with them the next day at his parents beach house. 

Don't you love it when God surprises you with an answer to your prayers so quickly? 

The next day we made the, a little under 2 hour, trip to a small town called Xangri-lá. Google says it has about 12,000 residents. It's mainly a summer home vacation type place for the people from our city.

As soon as we got there Vitor, my girlfriend, Gi, Anderson, Lucas and myself all went to check out the beach. The wind was blowing hard. So hard that Gi bailed after 5 minutes and went back home. 

Vitor and I stayed with Lucas and Anderson. We took some pictures.

The boys were soon in the water goofing around.
Vitor told them they could take off their shirts. They had them off and were in the water in about 5 seconds. They had a ball.
We thought, since we are in our fall now and have had some cooler days and nights, that the water would be cold. It was actually warmer than being out of the water. Even though the water was warmer than we thought you'll notice that there were no other people in the water other than our 2 goofballs. 
We left the beach, went back to the house and ate lunch together. We loved getting to know Vitor's parents better. 

The kids then colored Easter eggs using the kit we got just two days earlier in the mail from my mom. What great timing.
 They had a lot of fun.
Check out this old hair dryer that Carys used to shrink wrap a design on her egg. 
Carys had to almost touch the egg for it to work because it didn't get very hot. I don't think I've ever seen a hair dryer like that. It was definitely old school but it did the job.
Lucas and Anderson played soccer. A lot. 

When they weren't playing soccer Anderson was learning how to ride a bike.
Lucas, Anderson and Gi played soccer together. A lot.
Gi made a new friend.
Lucas has a sister, Alice, who is Carys' age. They too are in the same class and are good friends. So Carys had lots of fun as well. It wasn't just boys and soccer for her all day. 
We ate supper and then our family came back home to POA. 

We had an amazing time together and getting out of the big city for the day was just what we needed. 

I think we all needed it. Vitor's mom said she couldn't remember the last time she heard Vitor laugh so loud and hard like he did on Saturday. 

We first met Vitor and Alexia back in 2007 when Anderson and Lucas started pre-school together. They've been best friends ever since and we've been blessed by our friendship with Vitor and Alexia. 

Good food, lots of fun and laughing as well as plenty of relaxing. It was the best Easter Saturday that we could've had.
Here are some video highlights of the day that probably only big sisters, and grandparents, will care to spend time watching.

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