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Monday, April 15, 2013

For the Girls

Three weeks from today my girlfriend and Anderson arrive in the states for Bronwyn and Stephen's wedding. The week after that me and Gi arrive and a few days later Garrett and Carys get there.

We'll get to be together as a complete family for a few days which, as all the dorks get older, gets harder and harder. It's part of life and we love seeing how God is moving in the lives of our kids but we love getting everyone together. We are big and loud and like to laugh.

As I thought about our family all being together soon it made me realize that the girls are in the home stretch of finishing out another semester of college. I thought about stuff they've missed here with their younger brothers and sister during this semester.

So I thought I'd just bomb them with family stuff until we are all together again. The bombing begins today.

My apologies to those of you who will be completely bored over these next few days.

Here we go girls:

You guys know that Anderson is creative. He had homework over the weekend. His teacher asked him to make up a mini model of his bedroom. He and mom tapped into that creativity yesterday. They nailed it.

He wanted to give you guys a tour. Here it is:

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adwee said...

Anderson, sorry I never commented on this. AWESOME HOUSE, BUD. Can't wait to see it in person I LOVE YOUUU