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Friday, December 07, 2007

Carys..........`Tis the Season'

For those of you reading this who don't know our family, you might think we just have 4 kids. Bronwyn went to Montivideo, Ansley took the chorus trip, Garrett broke his leg, and Anderson got painted up. We do actually have one more. Carys is our youngest daughter and when asked to describe her Benay said it best when she said that 'the world is her playground.'

Carys has an infectious, hilarious, deep laugh and laughs at many things. She has fun anywhere she goes and makes friends with anyone in about 5 seconds. She isn't afraid of very many things and has a very adventurous nature. Just to allow you to get to know her better I will share a quick example from when she was 5 (she's 8 now): We've had a small group bible study in our home every week for sometime now. At the beginning of the school year in 2oo5 (Feb/Mar for us) we began a new study for the year. Benay was in Rio de Janeiro for a women's spiritual retreat and I was here with the 5 kids. I also was fighting the flu that week and really wasn't upset when people began to call saying they couldn't come for various reasons. It looked like I would be able to go to bed early and rest. At the last minute one couple and their kids showed up in a taxi. While the adults had our study, the kids played outside. Our next door neighbors had some kids over that Carys had made friends with. They began talking to her through the fence. For protection and security we have about a 9 foot high fence around our property. Anyway, as we are studying I could see Carys talking to her friends through the gate and then she came running in asking if she can go outside of the gate and play with her new friends. I told her no. It was getting dark and I just didn't feel good. She went back out. I looked out again a couple of minutes later and she was OUTSIDE of the fence talking with her friends. I quickly left the study and went out and asked her how she did that since she did not have the keys. She, rather calmly, told me she CLIMBED over the nine foot tall metal fence. Remember, she was just 5. I asked her why and she told me because her friends were saying, "Faça, Faça." Which means, "do it, do it!" I share just to let you know how things work in Carys' world.

Carys has always LOVED Santa Claus. When she was 2 we lived in Texas and we were in the mall one day during the Christmas season. I was holding her as we were walking and I could feel her arm moving. I asked what she was doing and she told me she was waving at "Him." I asked, "Him who" and she said, "Christmas!" I turned around and saw that "Christmas" was a mall Santa Claus. Let's just say she always keeps us laughing.

She has always loved going to see Santa Claus and presenting her Christmas list. One year before she knew how to write, she drew pictures on separate index cards of all her requests and presented them to Santa. If other kids weren't in line she would, and still will, hang out on Santa's lap for as long as he allows. We asked the other day if she had made her list. She said no and immediately went to the computer where she stayed for over an hour looking at the Wal Mart website (by the way, we don't have Wal Mart in Porto Alegre) and making her list (photo on right). When she was done it only consisted of 43 things. That's all.

Later Benay was talking to her parents on the phone about different Christmas things. Carys overheard some of the conversation and came to me and asked if Benay's mom could send her the video game that she wanted.

Here's how the conversation went:

Carys: "Why don't we have Granna get me the Nintento DS that I want for Christmas?"

Me: " Well if Granna and Grandaddy get you that for Christmas, Santa Claus won't have anything to get you.

Carys: "Dad, I have 42 other things on my list."

Me: "Oh yeah. I forgot. Hey Carys, you need to remember what Christmas is about. It's not about who gets the most presents."

Carys: "I know dad."

Me: "Great."

Carys: "It's about who gets the biggest!!"

That's our Carys. Life is never dull with her.

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