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Monday, December 03, 2007

Free at Last

Last week Garrett finally had his cast taken off. He spent 4 weeks in two different types of casts and after having an x-ray done this past Wednesday, the doctor said it was healed. He is now free to go back to soccer but only after 3 more weeks of strengthening and getting used to walking again. This didn't make Garrett happy but he understood after he tried to walk for the first time once the cast was off (as noted by the video below of his first walking attempt).

Garrett entering the MD's office to have the cast taken off. This would be the "before" photo.

The cutting begins.

When Garrett found out his cast had to be CUT off he was a little apprehensive but after he was told that it wouldn't hurt at all he was able to enjoy the tickling experience.

This is Pedro taking off the cast. The fact that we are on a first name basis with him should let you know how often our family has visited this orthopedic clinic and how often Pedro has applied braces, casts and different dressings.

The mixed response "after" picture. Happy to have the cast off but bummed that it's hard to walk and he can't play soccer for three more weeks.

A short video of gimpy:

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