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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Milan vs Boca 3-1 Kaka

The finals of all the world's soccer teams was on Sunday. This was the championship that our team, Internacional, won last year that transformed our city into a huge party. I've never seen anything like it. The most fun I've ever had as a sports fan. Okay, I'm done bragging about my team. Anyway, this years final was between A.C. Milan, from Italy, and Boca Juniors, from Argentina. Let's just say I don't like Boca Juniors for many different reasons that I won't get into right now. I do like A.C. Milan. They have many Brasilians playing on their team and this year they bought our (Internacional) best player. He's only 18 and his name is Alexandre Pato. He will be an incredible player for them. That alone would be reason enough for us to like them but we like them for another reason. They have another Brasilian on their team and his name is Kaká. His team, A.C. Milan won the world tournament (4-2), he was voted the player of the year in Europe this year and just yesterday he won the award for player of the year for the world. Pretty amazing year he has had. But those reasons don't make him our favorite player. The reason we love him so much is that he is our brother in Christ. In this world of hearing athletes thank God for everything and then finding out they have 3 girlfriends outside of marriage, use horrible language, spend their money on their drug habit, etc., Kaká is a breath of fresh air. He not only talks the talk but he lives the talk. Everything we've seen and heard about him shows Christ. He is not shy about sharing his faith, about his daily time spent with God and he even shared with this country how he remained sexually pure until his wedding night. Unless you have been to Brasil or know about this country, you have no idea how incredible that is. This is a country, in many cases, who encourages premarital sex in so many different ways (tv shows, newspapers, billboards, parents, friends). The sexually pure are often made fun of. This country needs a popular Christian role model like Kaká. We like him so much because he has taken on this role that God has given him and used it for the good of the kingdom. He is a role model to kids and adults alike. He is showing that living a life for God is not a burden or a life of 'can't do' lists but a blessing to live to the fullest. We understand most of you reading this don't pay much attention to soccer/futebol but we wanted to call your attention to someone who is using his gifts for the kingdom. That is why we can show this video of what he did after his goal and not want to throw up like we do when so many other athletes thank God after a big game and swear in the same sentence. Kaká is the real deal and he really wants to show the world (and this game was shown around the world) that he truly 'belongs to Jesus.'

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