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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas surprise

This is a video of my parents' arrival to Brasil. Our kids knew that they were trying to come and then my mom had some big problems with her visa. We had a few days where we didn't know if she would get her visa in time to make the trip. We asked the kids to begin praying every day that God would bless that and allow my parents to come visit us. When it began to look like it would all get worked out we told the kids we wouldn't know for sure until Monday night the 17th. This was the evening that my parents were to arrive. I told the kids I had to go help a friend move and they should go ahead and start the Christmas movie we were going to watch that night. I then went to the airport and picked up my parents. I brought them back to our street and dropped them off at the corner close to our house with instructions to wait 5 minutes before they rang our doorbell. I then returned home to watch the movie with the kids and Benay (who had all the kids together in a room close to our front door)but told them I had to fix our camcorder first. I was then able to film the reactions of all the kids when they opened the door and saw our visitors. We just love the different reactions of each child and think you will too. There is no better Christmas gift than a visit, especially a 5,000 mile away surprise one, from grandparents.


The Hansberry Family said...

That is a good surprise. Just remember kids, you should think long and hard about revenge on your dad for playing this trick. Make it a good one, and capture it on video!

Busy Mummy said...

What a beautiful surprise. I know how they felt, my mum did that to me once, she just turned up and I had NO idea she was coming to visit! Hope all is well. Hugs to the family.