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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I would like to tell you about our new brother in Christ. His name is Garigran. I first met him at Carys' school. His son, Aaron, and Carys are in the same class and we were all together for a Mother's Day presentation. Garigran noticed that I had a digital camera and he asked if I could take a picture of his family. This opened up a great friendship. When he first told me his name he told me he was named after a famous American actor. I told him we didn't have anyone named Garigran. He assured me we did. We went back and forth a little bit before I figured out that this American actor was none other than Cary Grant. Garigran's parents named him after Cary Grant and put a Brasilian twist on it. A great first meeting story that we still laugh about.

Almost immediately, after our first real conversation, he started coming to our small group study during last year. He brought his wife and 2 boys (picture to the right is of Aaron, Garigran, Gabriela and Arthur). They continued to study with us and were part of the transformation that took place with house churches this year. Garigran and I began to spend some time together talking about spiritual things as we entered this new year. Right before our family went on our furlough to the United States this past June I asked the guys on the team if anyone would have time to continue meeting with Garigran while we were gone. Sascha Terry wanted to do it and he and Garigran had some great conversations that continued even after our family returned. In October Sascha felt led to just ask Garigran where he was in relation to Jesus. Garigran said he was ready to give his life to Christ and he wanted to show his faith in Christ through baptism right away. Sascha and I had the privilege of baptizing this new brother. It was an amazing blessing to be a part of. On the day of his baptism we praised God for how He used two 7 year olds to reach a family with the Good News of Jesus. Carys' and Aaron's friendship helped grow God's kingdom as we never would have met this special family if it weren't for them.

I asked Garigran to share his testimony with you in his own words and here they are (followed by the very important English translation):

"" Durante a maior parte da minha vida achei que minhas obrigações com Deus estavam resolvida. Eu havia sido batizado ainda quando pequeno em uma igreja católica e mais tarde também havia feito a primeira comunhão. Eu achava que não precisava mais nada.... Eu estava muito enganado....Eu levava uma vida incompleta...Eu sentia que faltava algo mas não conseguia descobrir o que... Agora que tomei o caminho de Cristo e principalmente após o meu batismo, percebo a transformação. É uma coisa difícil de expressar em palavras mas e plenamente compreensível para as pessoas que sabem do que estou falando. Realmente e maravilhosa essa nova vida em cristo. Garigran ""

"For most of my life, I thought that my obligations with God had been resolved. I had been baptized when I was small in a catholic church and later had participated in my first communion. I thought that I didn't need anything else. I was very wrong. I was living an incomplete life. I was missing something, but I didn't know what it was.
Now that I have begun my walk with Christ, and especially after my baptism, I feel a transformation. It is something difficult to express in words, but completely understandable for people who know what I am talking about. It is really marvelous, my new life in Christ. Garigran"
Sascha, Garigran and myself

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