"Preach the gospel at all times; if necessary, use words." Saint Francis of Assisi

Friday, July 16, 2010


A few years ago on this date my girlfriend said (before God and a bunch of people......so there are witnesses and it is legal), "I do" to become my wife.

Here is a picture of the young, good looking couple on that day.
Young, naive and dumb in so many ways.  But a good looking couple none the less.

Here's how they look now.

How can my girlfriend be even better looking today than then? Okay, I'm going to quit trying to using words I don't normally use to describe my girlfriend and just tell the truth. She's hot. There I said it.

Not only is she the most beautiful girl I know but she's also taught me that life is so much more, so much deeper than physical beauty.

She's taught me more about the grace of God than anyone I've ever known. She's taught me how to forgive people (even the ones that have hurt me or her or us deeply). Easy to say as a Christian but hard to do sometimes. She's patient with everyone. She's kind to everyone. She shows God's love to everyone. She's an amazing example of a Christian woman, wife and mother to our Brasilian family.

She isn't judgmental, doesn't hold grudges and isn't bitter towards others no matter what others might have done to her. And if I'm honest, that bugs me. Yes I read my Bible and yes I know what it says about judging others, forgiving others, and holding on to the bad junk that our enemy tries to put in our hearts. But there are times when I want to just choke someone's turkey neck for the way they treated me, my wife, my kids, other Christians, etc. Just being honest. It's especially during those times that my girlfriend calls me back to what God wants me to be. Even when I don't want to be that. She calls me to be, and has done so since the day I met her, a better man. A man who does his best to follow the will of God.

She has helped me, more than anybody, be the kind of spiritual leader that God wants me be to the family that He has blessed me with.

She's also fun. She loves to laugh and she laughs easily. I also love the way she easily laughs at herself. She doesn't take herself too seriously. She's super smart. And she is the best Bible teacher I have ever seen. Her ability to share biblical truths in a way that everyone can understand is amazing. A gift from God.

I am blessed.

I can't imagine life without her. She is my girlfriend, my best friend, my mentor and sister in Christ.

She's also an incredible mom. Best one I've ever known (no offense meant to our moms).

Did I mention already that she's hot?


Kim said...

I remember that day! Congrats on your girlfriend making it that long with you. JK
Beautiful words. Enjoy celebrating!

Karlye said...

Happy anniversary!! You both have been so blessed and have a beautiful family. I love the picture of all of you at the top of your blog! Have a fantastic day.