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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Goodbyes and Cake Dreams

Last night we invited some of our most favorite people over to tell Bronwyn goodbye.

Those that could make it, from the house church that meets in our house, came by to give her a hug, spend some time with her and wish her well before she leaves tomorrow for the states.

Here's a picture of a few of the ones that were able to drop by the house.

Benay and Bronwyn made calzones and cake for our company.

You'll notice in the picture that Anderson and Carys are absent.  They both fell asleep before we could get to the cake.

When I picked Anderson up to take him to bed he mumbled something about not being tired and wanted to wait for the cake to get out of the oven. I then put him in bed and he was asleep in 10 seconds.

This morning he got up early. It's not uncommon for him to wake up at 5:00 or 5:30.

I normally get up around that time and usually even earlier.

This morning I was up a little bit before 5:00 and so I went into my "office" to read. My office is the only place I can go in the morning where it isn't freezing (thanks to a small floor heater) and where I can turn on a light that won't wake up anyone else in the family.

My "office" is our bathroom. My reading desk is the commode. Cool right?

Anyway, at 5:15 I hear the door to the bathroom being pulled open. I knew who it was. Our conversation went like this.

Me: "Good morning buddy. Did you sleep okay?"
Anderson: "Yes. (rubbing sleep from his eyes) So, was the cake good last night?"
Me: "Yes it was great. You know mom and Bronwyn don't make bad food. Do you want some?"
Andeson: "Of course."

So what does a six year old (who dreamed of cake all night) do at 5:15 in the morning after missing out on cake the night before?

He eats cake for breakfast, while watching the movie Underdog, of course.

I get the feeling that when Benay leaves in a couple of weeks, to take Bronwyn to college, that cake for breakfast might be the norm in the house.

There could be worse things. I don't think the kids will complain. Especially not a certain six year old.

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