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Friday, July 02, 2010

No Happy Ending

Brasil 1 x Netherlands 2

I think I might puke. 

We scored first and looked awesome and then, like smoke, it all just went away and we are out of the World Cup. 

Our country mourns. 

Now we look forward to 2014 when Brasil hosts the World Cup. 

Our city and our favorite team's stadium will host games in 2014. We'll be there and Brasil will win it all. At least that's the plan. 

I'm trying to focus on what Anderson and Lauro taught us

It's just a game......it's just a game. 

As long as the Netherlands and Argentina (Brasil's most hated soccer rival) don't win it all we'll be happy. 

It's just a game......it's just a game.

No pictures of the game crowd today from our house. It's just too depressing.  

There are things more important than soccer.

It's just a game......it's just a game.

I know it's true but it sure would have been fun to celebrate with our adopted country.  

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Kim said...

I was pretty surprised too. I kept thinking there was going to be a glorious come back.