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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Best Sunday EVER

If you've never read this blog before or haven't followed it for very long, I will let you in on our little secret.  Anderson is our child of extremes.

In Anderson's world, every day is either the WORST day ever or the BEST day ever.

And what makes it the BEST or the WORST day ever usually depends on some pretty deep and important things.

Examples:  He got to play, or didn't get to play, outside at school.  He got to go to soccer school or he didn't get to go because of rain. He did or didn't get to watch a DVD that he likes. He did or didn't get to eat a McDonald's happy meal if we went to the mall.

You get the picture.

It's always something different that defines his days (and every day is usually defined by him).

So when he told me on Sunday that it was "THE BEST SUNDAY EVER IN HIS LIFE!!!, I had to ask why.

Before we get to the reasons I need to share, because it's important to the story, that Sunday was our celebration Sunday. The last Sunday of every month all of the house churches get together and we have a worship time together. This past Sunday lots of people were asked to bring lasagna for our meal together.

Now, here was his list of why Sunday was so AWESOME:

1) He loved his bible class with Raquel. She was one of the best teachers EVER and his class was AWESOME!
2) He got to play with his friends at church.
3) He got to eat mom's lasagna and it was AWESOME! In fact, according to Anderson, she makes the best lasagna in the west AND the south. THE BEST! (I happen to agree. There is no better cook and I would argue that goes for the north and the east as well)
4) He got the last spoonful of mom's lasagna before it was all gone. (Her's was the first one to be all eaten....another affirmation that her lasagna really is the best in the west and the south.)
5) He saw the best soccer game EVER! (An Inter-Flamengo game in the rain. We won.)

On the way home from the game he was quiet in the back seat of the car. That usually means he's asleep because when he's awake, he's not quiet. I asked Garrett to see if he was sleeping. He said no. I asked if he was okay and I looked around at him. He had a little smile on his face. He said he was okay. He then said he was just thinking about how AWESOME that day had been. He asked what day it was. I told him it was Sunday. He told me it was the best Sunday OF HIS LIFE and he had his list of reasons already prepared.

He then came home, watched Sponge-Bob and talked to Bronwyn on skype.

For an extreme six year old I guess it really was the best Sunday ever.

P.S. I put words in bold to share the way he emphasizes when he talks about awesomeness. I did that so that people who know him but who aren't here (grandparents, Terry's, Aggies) can mentally hear Anderson while they read this post. They've been here and seen the real deal. For those who might not believe that Anderson's world is this extreme then you might just need to come and visit us. Anderson alone is worth the price of the airline ticket.

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