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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One on One

One of the cool things Bronwyn did before she left was that she tried to spend some special one on one time with each of her brothers and sisters.

She and Ansley went to see a movie together. I would put a picture here, from that day, but they didn't take one even though they had a camera with them.  I found the one below. You can just pretend that they are at the movies together.

Bronwyn is a big meat eater and she loves churrasco (our bar-b-que). I had decided that my girlfriend and I would take her to a restaurant in our neighborhood before she left. It's fairly expensive and we can never take everyone there at the same time because of the price. My girlfriend thought it would be a good idea if I took Garrett instead of her. Garrett is a churrasco lover as well and this could be some one on one (with dad along) for Garrett and Bronwyn that they would really love.

In order for Garrett to go we made him show some affection to his older sister. His 13 year old "I don't like hugging my big sisters" mentality was overruled by his stomach who wanted some churrasco. So he caved and showed Bronwyn some love.
But not too much.

The food, as always, was great.....

.....and they had a great time laughing together.

I think Garrett would say the "hug sister for meat" swap was a good one.

Carys got her nails done with Bronwyn at a place in our neighborhood. Then they went to McDonald's for some ice cream.

Bronwyn and Anderson went to the mall to eat at McDonald's. Nothing is better for a six year old than a Shrek toy in your happy meal.

They then went to a book store to read some books and then decided to get some dessert. We have great desserts in Brasil and Bronwyn was excited to get something good. She shared the options with Anderson (cake, pie, etc). What did he choose from all of those options?

Cookie from Subway of course.

Bronwyn said Anderson told her the best part of their time together was when they were waiting for me to pick them up. They waited, in the rain, in a phone booth and played pretend. Doesn't surprise me at all that that was his favorite moment.

With Giovanni she just continued spending time with him in whatever way he wanted.

I love how she made a point to spend special time with each kid.

I hope this becomes a "Blume leaving for college" tradition.


Bronwyn said...

Okay, so in the first picture I look drunk. In the last picture I look like I'm half-dead... a zombie maybe? Love you guys.

Marla Logan said...

What a SWEET bib sister!! You and Kevin must be soooo PROUD!!

Marla Logan said...

That is supposed to be SWEET big Sister.