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Monday, April 25, 2011

Battle Scar

There is a certain college student in the United States who mentioned to me and my girlfriend last week that we weren't posting enough blogs for her. She wants more blogs to keep up with what is going on here with her family.

The same day she mentioned this to us there was a certain seven year old in our house who instructed me to, "Take pictures of it and do a blog about that."

What was the "it" he was talking about?


We (me and all the kids) were having a nice wrestling match on Ansley's bed. Me and Anderson versus Ansley, Garrett and Carys. Anderson and I were winning of course.

In the wildness Carys accidently pushed Anderson into the old mini book shelf by the side of the bed.

It made a nice little cut/scrape.

You know Anderson hit the roof with his dramatics but, after a couple of minutes, we got him to calm down. We put some ice on him and I told him how cool it was to have a battle scar. He smiled a little bit when he thought about it and then asked me to take some pictures and put it on the blog.

I asked him for his warrior pose and here's what he came up with .

Mom then put some medicine on him, but he didn't want the couch to touch his hurt spot. He also didn't want a normal fitting shirt touching his spot. He wanted a big shirt so it could be loose. This is the shirt he came up with (complete with sympathy face).

You wanted more blog posts, you got them Bonni.

Be careful what you ask for.

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