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Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Chef

My dad doesn't cook. Never has. He's blessed with a great cook for a wife.

I don't cook. Never really have either. I've had my short spells of cooking pancakes for the kids on Saturday mornings, making some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or heating up some frozen pizzas. I had Home Economics in the 9th grade and learned how to cook some stuff but quickly forgot all of it. That's about it for my cooking history. I'm blessed to be married to the best cook I know. Our kids won't ever starve and they have their own favorite recipes that my girlfriend makes.

Garrett has received the "no cooking" gene as well. He doesn't know how to cook anything.

Our kids only go to school for a half day. They start around 7:30 and go until 12:30. Garrett only has three years (including this year) of high school left.

One of the things that I like about their school is that they make the high school students take afternoon classes to get extra "credit" to be able to graduate. They have to do so many hours of after school work before they are allowed to graduate.

So, right now Garrett is taking a science class one day a week.

He's also taking another class.

That's right, it's a cooking class.

He, and all the students, even have a special cooking hat that has to be worn in each class. It's awesome.
 Don't you love it?
Bronwyn sure loved it when she was skyping with him recently.
So far he's made chicken pie and cupcakes.

Feel free to come visit us and try some of chef Garrett's food.


Kim said...

The skpye picture of Bronwyn looks so much like Benay!!

Bronwyn said...

Garrett's shmexy.

...traci : ) said...

um...cool hat? excited to get some of that cooking when we're in POA soon! that is, unless all the pots and pans are boxed up and we're hauling them to the new place. :)