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Tuesday, April 26, 2011



You got to see our first goal, during Sunday's game, while we were talking with you on skype. We wanted to share the rest of the highlights with you.

We won 2-1 which puts us in the final (of the second part of the Gauchão) against gremio. If we win Sunday then we play them two more times (first game at Beira-Rio and the second game at the chiqueiro) for the outright championship.

Also, if we both win our next round games (we are in the mata-mata part now) of the Libertadores we will play each other. So we could have five Gre-Nais in the next month. Should be fun but, if it happens, I think we'll turn off our tv and radio so we don't get sick of only hearing about these games.

But if they beat us on Sunday and one of us doesn't pass the next round of the Libertadores then we will only have one Gre-Nal. Of course everyone here is assuming there will be five. We'll see.

If it happens then you should be home in time to see a couple of them. That would be fun.

Anyway, here are your melhores momentos from Sunday's game. All three goals were awesome, especially what Damião did to set up Tinga's goal.


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